Dragon Rising –

Dragon Born Book #2

It had always been my intention to take this first book of the Animal Shifter Universe I created and turn it into a series.  Missy might not always be the main character, but there was so much room for expansion that I couldn’t help myself.  I kept writing and writing, as fun projects often go.

Until I hit a block. A bad block.  I liked how the first draft of the book went-…until the end. It felt as though the whole book was rushed, and ended up being a little short in word count. I wanted more time with my characters to develop them and I was so focused on going from beginning to end, there was little detail.

Well, the block has been fixed.  I know now that I am going to actually break up this sequel into a trilogy.  I have already begun editing this first draft to allow more time and interaction between characters.  I am going to throw in a few new surprises, and of course, more of the evil Apothecaries.

My only hold-back now is how to end the second story, and NOT make it a complete cliffhanger, unless I publish #3 (still untitled) directly after publishing Dragon Rising.