I know it’s been a very, very long time since my last post.  

My life has been an adventure, and major changes were in the winds before I could settle myself enough to get back into my novels.  The severing of old relationships and the building of new ones, a new life, and a new career in the Medical field (I am still in school for this) will give me more freedom to get things completed in a way I have not previously been able to.  Most of you are aware I drift from project to project as the inspiration strikes me.  After taking a very long break, I am finally able to delve back into writing and editing my work. 

And with the end of this year and the move to 2024, I have a big announcement!

A Dangerous Legacy (my vampire romance novel) is set to be released this coming January.  The final edits are complete, the e-book has been uploaded, and I am currently waiting till after the holidays to speak to my cover artist to see what we can develop for the theme of this new book series. 

Yes, I have already been working on the sequel.  

I have also been reworking my historical romance of Morgan, Viscount de’Leonshire, and Lydia, the maiden with a mysterious past.  Since it is already 1/3 completed and only needs mild editing, not to mention I have an entire outline I have stuck to for this one, I have some major confidence it will be my next release.  After that is Dragon Rising, which still needs work and has no outline, so I am still filling in the gaps and correcting details to make the story congruent.  I also chopped it up to make the sequel into a 2 part book, making the series a trilogy. 

I hope you have all been patient with me, and I look forward to your reviews of my next release! I do plan on completing a few of these more quickly than with a 3-year gap in between my work, but life is crazy and sometimes gets in the way.  And since I am now in an intense Medical Vocational School, set to graduate in August, it might be a while before I can finish and release Dragon Rising. 

Hang in there, and happy holidays to all, whatever you may celebrate. 

Victoria Asher