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Hello Readers!


As I have been writing I have honestly been neglecting the website. 

So here is a BIG update for you!

Dragon Rising is almost complete! I have 2 sections to fix, add a few chapters, and then give it a good read-through for consistency.  With the completion of Dragon Rising, I have the third installment to announce, Dragon Storm!

No spoilers this time though.  Have to get book 2 in your hands first!
After Dragon Rising is complete and I have a good handle on Dragon Storm, I am going to be throwing out a new series I have been holding off on, A Dangerous Legacy! It’s already complete, and I’ve been working on the sequel off and on. 

Personally, I have a lot going on.  My mom was in a severe car accident and my father started chemotherapy for stage 2 pancreatic cancer.  My emotions have been down and I have been kind of overwhelmed with lots of life going on.  But I am still working in the background to get another couple of books published this year.