A Dangerous Legacy: A Vampire Romance By Victoria Asher

By Victoria Asher

A Dangerous Legacy

A Vampire Romance

Dragon Rising Updates

Hello Readers!   As I have been writing I have honestly been neglecting the website.  So here is a BIG update for you! Dragon Rising is almost complete! I have 2 sections to fix, add a few chapters, and then give it a good read-through for consistency.  With the...

Announcing: Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising - Dragon Born Book #2It had always been my intention to take this first book of the Animal Shifter Universe I created and turn it into a series.  Missy might not always be the main character, but there was so much room for expansion that I couldn't help...

Other Books

Dragon Born

Missy Elliston is rescued from a clever abduction by the handsome Brandon Cunningham and taken in by his family. Missy soon realizes all is not as it seems, as her animal alignment begins to emerge. Orphaned but not alone, Missy and Brandon begin to piece together the mystery that is Missy’s mysterious heritage, as the two lovers grow closer. But Missy is taken by the darkest of forces: the Apothecary. Can Brandon rescue her in time? Will Missy learn to take control of the forces inside her and realize her destiny, or die trying?

Deliverance of Ave


Follow Elizabeth Mansfield in a serial publication of magic, science, mystery, and religion.

Now available on Kindle Vella! 



Introducing Author

Victoria Asher

Victoria Asher is a neurodivergent author from New Mexico. She is the mother of 2 neurodiverse children and a host of fur babies. She publishes under Desert Peacock Studio.